Gutters Cleaned


Clearing gutters out on a regular basis is an essential task for home owners. Leaf and dirt build up can block down-pipes. With any amount of rain, a backlog of water can cause flooding which can damage to your ceilings, carpet, garden and decking. If your home or office has many overhanging trees it will require a full gutter clean at least once a year.

Falling leaves, bark and other biological materials are normally what clog gutters and downspouts. If left alone, these blockages will force water over the front and back edge of the gutter, the latter being the most destructive to the roof and house exterior. Water coming behind the gutter can often infiltrate the drip edge, leading to the rotting of the roof and exterior walls. If the water pours over the front of the gutter it can cause flooding and erosion near the foundation, causing extensive damage. It is also essential for your gutters to be cleaned regularly if you are harvesting rain water to drink.